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​Financial peace of mind for lawyers

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Maintaining Your Law Firms Financial Records is Critical to the Success of Your Business

Our company understands that there are many components to running a successful legal practice; such as maintaining complete, accurate and up to date books and records in accordance with the Law Society of Ontario By-Laws, which can draw you away from the practice of law. 

We receive great satisfaction in using PCLaw bookkeeping software to assist you in meeting your filing obligations, managing your law firms trust account(s), bank financing, taxes and maintaining LSUC By-Law compliance.


Let us help you achieve financial peace of mind.

PCLaw Bookkeeping Services
PCLaw Bookkeeping Services:
LSUC Spot Audits

LSUC Spot Audits and You Section 49.2

An exponential expansion of The Law Society Audit Department has occurred in the past several years.

The Law Society of Ontario. Osgoode Hall, 130 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5H 2N6, frontal view

Their mandate is to conduct a spot audit on each Law Firm every five years. All newly formed Law practices must be audited in the first 12 months of operation. Our purpose is to maintain your Law Firm's financial records in accordance with By-Law 9.

A primary goal, which reflects a remedial approach, is to attend your law office and provide on-site guidance aimed at helping your Law Firm correct minor deficiencies with your firms recordkeeping practices before they lead to serious LSUC non-compliance.  


Let us help your Law Firm conduct an internal review well before notice of a Law Society of Ontario Spot Audit

  • If your law firm has an audit pending,  our accounting firm will urgently step in and provide the necessary support and preparation for your Law Practice. 


  • After a spot audit your law office may receive correspondence which requires a detailed reply. 

Allow us to review your law firm's books and assist with a comprehensive response, contact us...

The Spot Audit Program​

Designed as a pro-active compliance measurement and problem detection tool, Spot Audits measure the integrity of law firm financial filing (By-Law 8), assess ongoing compliance with financial record-keeping requirements (By-Law 9) and the Rules of Professional Conduct, and identify serious misconduct related to financial matters.   

-- Law Society of Upper Canada, Spot Audits and You: Setting Standards...Meeting Expectations [Post], Retrieved from

* The below information was obtained from the Law  Society of Ontario (LSO), We do not warrant it's accuracy. 

Preparing for a Spot Audit

Initial Spot Audit Notice

The auditor will fax or e-mail to you a list of books and records the LSO is looking for.

Maintaining Financial Records

Ensure that a paper copy of all financial records, whether entered and posted by mechanical or electronic means, can be produced promptly upon the Law Society of Ontario's request. Section 21 of LSO By-Law 9.

Current Financial Records

Ensure your financial records required to be maintained under Sections 18 & 19 of LSO By-Law 9 are entered and posted current at all times : Subsection 22(1) of LSO By-Law 9.

Completeness of Financial Records

You must include the full particulars as required by the subsections of the LSO By-Law. Each record should indicate which record it is and include your firm name.

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To provide comprehensive PCLaw bookkeeping services for sole practitioners, partnerships, and small to medium-sized legal firms.


For over 20 years, Accounting for Law has demonstrated the ability to produce a clear concise financial picture, a development of techniques for tax minimization and maintenance of financial records in compliance with The Law Society of Upper Canada.

Our staff is made up of a network of professionals with diverse skill sets.  Our main service centers on our helpful PCLaw bookkeepers.  We also have a network of IT, staffing and management professionals to be available at a moment’s notice within your budget.  Our company understands that running a law practice can be all too time consuming.  We receive great satisfaction in bridging your law firms operations and financial reports.

Getting a handle on bank financing, taxes and Law Society of Upper Canada compliance can be overwhelming. 

Let us help you to achieve financial peace of mind.

About Accounting for Law



Most law firms work exclusively with PC Law . . . Finding bookkeepers who are not only competent but proficient in PC Law and law firm accounting is extremely difficult.

We sought out this firm [in 2017] and I cannot praise them enough.

We have been extremely satisfied with the level of service we receive. We
would highly recommend their services to other law firms and sole practitioners.

- Clayton C. Ruby, Ruby, Shiller & Enenajor Barristers

In September 2000, after working 9 successful years as a full-time Office Manager/PCLaw Bookkeeper for prominent lawyers in Toronto, including the legal firm of Clayton Ruby and Marlys Edwardh Barristers, Accounting for Law was launched by Jacques Tjonasan.  Jacques received the blessing of his former employer, leads from chartered accountants, several references and ultimately the benefit of word-of-mouth allowing Accounting for Law to originate with a handful of clients.

PCLaw was on version 6 of its platform at that time.  Since then, PCLaw has been sold to LexisNexis and advancements have been implemented aggressively.  They are now at version 16 which includes more than 40 functional enhancements from version 15.0.  Significant advances in PCLaw and computer technology has resulted in a strong demand for a unique and specialized skill-set. 

In the past 20+ years, Accounting for Law has focused on this specialized skill-set in this niche area, and we continue to grow and expand our services.  We have professional PCLaw bookkeepers who are LexisNexis PCLaw Certified Independent Consultants on staff. Law firms who benefit from the services of Accounting for Law include firms from Ottawa to Hamilton.​


Accounting for Law head office. 1235 Bayly Street, Unit 7 Pickering, Ontario, Canada, L1W 1L7  Email: Tel:  1 905-492-5522


Jacques Tjonasan, President,
Accounting for Law Inc.
PCLaw Certified Partner

As the principal and founder of Accounting for Law, Jacques utilizes his 25+ years of industry experience to oversee all aspects of the company ensuring that client needs are met at every level.


Jacques is fluent in Dutch.

Yvonne Parry,  Director of Operations
Accounting for Law Inc.

Yvonne is our Director of Operations and our team’s payroll specialist.  She has joined the team with comprehensive payroll experience. She successfully navigates this important position by using her advanced multi-tasking ability. Her communication and writing skills benefit the information flow required by our clientele. She speaks and understands Taglog.

Tina Globocki, AFL Partner 
Accounting for Law Inc.

Tina's experience spans over twenty-plus years in the legal industry, working first as a Legal Assistant and Office Manager and then as a Legal Bookkeeper. Tina has developed a passion for the field, which has driven her to become proficient with PCLaw, Cosmolex, QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Online.  Tina specializes in LSO compliance and LSO Spot Audits as well as legal office management and organization. Tina also manages the AFL offices in Georgina

Christine Thompson, AFL Partner 
Accounting for Law Inc.

Christine is a seasoned law firm administrator with over 25 years’ experience in accounting and office management. She has a Diploma in Computer Programming and has been using PCLaw for most of her career. She is also a Pro-Advisor for Quickbooks Desktop and Online. Her entrepreneurial spirit and diverse areas of business experience have given Christine great insight in and through the accounting cycle, financial analysis and year-ends.

Jackie has over 25 years of experience in the legal industry working as an Accounting and/or Office Manager for both small and mid-sized Law Firms.  She started out with one of the first Law Firms to use PCLaw, and went on to work for Alumni Computer Group, Inc. the writers of the PCLaw™ software. Jackie provided Accounting assistance and training to Alumni Computer Group’s clients. She is a self-motivated and organized person with excellent communication, leadership, and problem solving skills.  Jackie has successfully supported many Law Firms through pre and post Law Society Spot Audits and is proficient in PCLaw, QuickBooks, Excel and a variety of Accounting payroll software packages. 

Zvonka Hortik profile picture.jpg

Zvonka has over 10 years of experience working in various bookkeeping roles. Her responsibilities has been analyzing accounts payable & receivables, financial reporting , payroll administration and bank reconciliations. With years of experience in the field Zvonka is well verse in PCLAW & Quickbooks and Cosmolex. She prides herself on being an analytical problem solver, very organized and an enthusiastic team member.

Alma Vasquez profile picture.jpg

Alma has a BSc in Business Administration-Accounting and over 20 years of experience in managing law firms' financial records and all facets of today’s legal firm. Alma’s extensive knowledge of PCLaw, complicated accounting and tax issues; make her a valuable asset to law firms of all types. Alma has expertise in preparing timely and accurate reports, monthly reconciliations for trust and general accounts, preparation and submission of T4's, accounts payable, invoicing, collections and analysis. Alma goes the extra mile to instill confidence in her clients. Alma is fluent in Tagalog and Bicol.


Jessica is a Durham College graduate with strong accounting experience. Jessica is a proactive and organized professional with over 4 years of PC Law expertise, as well as experience with other law firm accounting software; Cosmolex, Ghost Practice and QuickBooks. She is a fast learner and works well under pressure. Jessica also has strong computer skills and works well within strict deadlines.

Adam  Mohamed profile picture.jpg

Adam has over 10 years of experience in numerous financial roles. His responsibilities have been billing, bank reconciliations, rebuilds, migrations, and analyzing daily transactions. Adam prides himself on being persistent, detail-oriented, and dedicated to each task he tackles.

Diagnora Tiamo profile picture.jpg

Diagnora has over 18 years of experience working as a Office Manager/Accounting for various boutique firms. She has been responsible for the day to day accounting and financial process, including billing, account payables and receivables, bank reconciliations, month/year end reports. Diagnora was instrumental in making sure that the firms have the finance to pay for clients’ disbursements and operational expenses and in compliance with the Law Society of Ontario rules and bylaws. She is fluent in English and Spanish languages. Diagnora has been success in her career by being passionate about her work and having a great attitude.


Nakissa Koomalsingh is a recent graduate from Nipissing University,  obtaining her Undergrad Degree in Business Administration, specialization in Finance. Along with her finance certificate (entrepreneurship), Nakissa has been an outstanding student athlete with great leadership and organizational skills. She has experience in PCLaw completing daily entries (trust and general), billing, cash receipt and credit card allocation functions. Nakissa is very outgoing and will “get the job done”.

Sophie Xu profile picture.jpg

Sophie has over 4 years of experience in multiple positions dealing with finance and bookkeeping. Sophie has a strong skillset when it comes to analyzing transactions, entering credit card allocations and completing bank reconciliations. adapting to multiple bookkeeping software

Karen Gumba profile picture.jpg

Karen joined AFL in April 2015 as a part time coop student.  She graduated from George Brown College and continued her education at York University.   She completed Accounting and Finance program at the end of December 2018.  We are pleased Karen chose to join us full-time in January 2019.

Her other talents include graphic design.  We utilize those skills to complete billing templates in legal accounting software packages.

Karen’s family is originally from the Philippines and she is fluent in Tagalog.

Sakilan Thevarasa profile picture.jpg

Sakilan has over 10 years of experience in various accounting roles such as personal and corporate tax, evaluating accounts receivables and payables, filing HST returns. His ability to work diligently while meeting tight deadlines shows his passion for the profession. Sakilan’s emphasis on preparing accurate reports, evaluating day to day trust transactions and balancing credit card allocations is key skill that adds value to our team

Amber Ireton profile picture.jpg

Amber attended Centennial College’s Law Clerk Program and was subsequently hired by the law firm where she completed her job placement. That was the beginning of a 15 year career in the legal field. Having spent most of that time managing a criminal and family law office, Amber has extensive experience with all matters pertaining to the operation of a law office, including bookkeeping and the utilization of PCLaw. Amber is a self-motivated individual who is committed to the highest standard of administrative performance.


Carrie’s has over 20 years experience in Accounting and Office Management. Carrie has completed various accounting and bookkeeping courses to accelerate her knowledge within the industry. She is highly self-motivated, very detail oriented and has exceptional mathematical expertise. Carrie has exceled in both large & small business’ as a financial leader, team advocate and a bookkeeping professional. Carrie is passionate in all aspect of accounting, from report management, sales tax preparation & submission, reconciliations and starting up a new company with all their accounting needs. Carrie is a perfectionist which has increased her talents and expertise within the industry.

Kate Tavano profile picture.jpg

Kate has over 5 years of experience working in various bookkeeping, legal assistant, and law clerk roles. Her responsibilities have been Processing purchases, Sales, Refinance, and evaluating Transactions from start to

Completion, invoicing, and billing. Kates legal experience, upbeat personality, and determination makes her an asset to our team. 

Janet Chapelle profile picture.jpg

Janet has years of experience in various financial and accounting roles. She has acquired strong communication skills, time management and an eye for evaluating transactions and financial documents. Janet is a quick learner and she loves to be apart of team environments. Her optimistic mentality and patient personality are keys to her success.

Tunde Lawal profile picture.jpg

Tunde is studying to become a Chartered Professional Accountant. He has over 6 years of experience in bookkeeping functions, external auditing of financial statements, reviewing client’s internal controls and regulatory compliance review for organizations. Tunde has a passion for perfection when it comes to completing monthly trust and general reconciliations, billings and credit card allocations. He adds value to our team by evaluating processes, identifying lags, managing risk, and being an efficient team member 


She has completed her undergrad at Ontario Tech University specializing in Finance and Supply Chain Management.  Shivana finds every way to work efficiently when entering daily transactions, completing billing, and reporting. Her prior experience in external auditing and quality assurance built her work ethic and detail-oriented focus. 


As a current student of University of Toronto, Kaprice is articulate and customer service oriented.  She is currently taking journalism resulting from the over exposure to CNN which is her father’s channel of choice.  Kaprice performed at Elite Dance Studios to the age of 17. She has many awards to her credit.




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1235 Bayly Street, Unit 7 Pickering, Ontario, L1W 1L7

Tel:  1 905-492-5522

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We are a Bookkeeping Firm with locations in downtown Toronto, Pickering, Mississauga, and Ottawa, that provides PCLaw Bookkeeping for lawyers and small to medium-sized legal firms from Canada's eastern province of British Columbia to eastern Ontario (Ottawa). Services include PCLaw Bookkeeping, Support, Training, Security, and Installation. Law firm trust accounting solutions.  Exceptional law firm-record keeping (in compliance with The Law Society of Ontario and Canada’s 14 provincial and territorial law societies) for high-net-worth individuals, solo practitioners,  or small to medium-sized legal practices in Ontario. 

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