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​Financial peace of mind for lawyers

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Maintaining Your Law Firms Financial Records is Critical to the Success of Your Business

Our company understands that there are many components to running a successful legal practice; such as maintaining complete, accurate and up to date books and records in accordance with the Law Society of Ontario By-Laws, which can draw you away from the practice of law. 

We receive great satisfaction in using PCLaw bookkeeping software to assist you in meeting your filing obligations, managing your law firms trust account(s), bank financing, taxes and maintaining LSUC By-Law compliance.


Let us help you achieve financial peace of mind.

PCLaw Bookkeeping Services:

An exponential expansion of The Law Society Audit Department has occurred in the past several years.

Their mandate is to conduct a spot audit on each Law Firm every five years. All newly formed Law practices must be audited in the first 12 months of operation. Our purpose is to maintain your Law Firm's financial records in accordance with By-Law 9.

A primary goal, which reflects a remedial approach, is to attend your law office and provide on-site guidance aimed at helping your Law Firm correct minor deficiencies with your firms recordkeeping practices before they lead to serious LSUC non-compliance.  


Let us help your Law Firm conduct an internal review well before notice of a Law Society of Ontario Spot Audit

  • If your law firm has an audit pending,  our accounting firm will urgently step in and provide the necessary support and preparation for your Law Practice. 


  • After a spot audit your law office may receive correspondence which requires a detailed reply. 

Allow us to review your law firm's books and assist with a comprehensive response, contact us...

* The below information was obtained from the Law  Society of Ontario (LSO), We do not warrant it's accuracy. 

Preparing for a Spot Audit

Initial Spot Audit Notice

The auditor will fax or e-mail to you a list of books and records the LSO is looking for.

Maintaining Financial Records

Ensure that a paper copy of all financial records, whether entered and posted by mechanical or electronic means, can be produced promptly upon the Law Society of Ontario's request. Section 21 of LSO By-Law 9.

Current Financial Records

Ensure your financial records required to be maintained under Sections 18 & 19 of LSO By-Law 9 are entered and posted current at all times : Subsection 22(1) of LSO By-Law 9.

Completeness of Financial Records

You must include the full particulars as required by the subsections of the LSO By-Law. Each record should indicate which record it is and include your firm name.

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Most law firms work exclusively with PC Law . . . Finding bookkeepers who are not only competent but proficient in PC Law and law firm accounting is extremely difficult.

We sought out this firm [in 2017] and I cannot praise them enough.

We have been extremely satisfied with the level of service we receive. We
would highly recommend their services to other law firms and sole practitioners.

- Clayton C. Ruby, Ruby, Shiller & Enenajor Barristers

Jacques Tjonasan, President,
Accounting for Law Inc.
PCLaw Certified Partner

As the principal and founder of Accounting for Law, Jacques utilizes his 25+ years of industry experience to oversee all aspects of the company ensuring that client needs are met at every level.


Jacques is fluent in Dutch.

Christine Thompson, Director of Operations,
Accounting for Law Inc.

Christine is a seasoned law firm administrator with over 25 years’ experience in accounting and office management. She has a Diploma in Computer Programming and has been using PCLaw for most of her career. She is also a Pro-Advisor for Quickbooks Desktop and Online. Her entrepreneurial spirit and diverse areas of business experience have given Christine great insight in and through the accounting cycle, financial analysis and year-ends.

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We are a Bookkeeping Firm with locations in downtown Toronto, Pickering, Mississauga, and Ottawa, that provides PCLaw Bookkeeping for lawyers and small to medium-sized legal firms from Canada's eastern province of British Columbia to eastern Ontario (Ottawa). Services include PCLaw Bookkeeping, Support, Training, Security, and Installation. Law firm trust accounting solutions.  Exceptional law firm-record keeping (in compliance with The Law Society of Ontario and Canada’s 14 provincial and territorial law societies) for high-net-worth individuals, solo practitioners,  or small to medium-sized legal practices in Ontario. 

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